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  • Antarctic Research Centre

    Research looking at Antarctic climate history and processes and the influence on the global climate system, especially in New Zealand and the southwest Pacific.

  • B

  • BNZ Chair in Business in Asia

    The BNZ Chair in Business in Asia creates and shares knowledge that promotes and supports effective New Zealand business engagement with Asia.

  • Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership

    The Brian Picot Chair in Ethical Leadership at Victoria Business School works on facilitating a transparent and ethically sound business sector.

  • C

  • Centre for Academic Development

    The Centre for Academic Development (CAD) supports the Victoria community in pursuit of learning and teaching excellence.

  • Centre for Accounting, Governance and Taxation Research

    The Centre for Accounting, Governance and Taxation Research (CAGTR) works collaboratively with industry professionals to enhance knowledge in these fields.

  • Centre for Applied Cross-Cultural Research

    The Centre for Cross-Cultural Research responds to the challenges of globalisation, migration and growing cultural diversity through sound theory and research.

  • Centre for Biodiscovery

    The Centre’s research aims to enhance health and wellbeing through the discovery and development of sustainable, nature-inspired products and processes.

  • Centre for Biodiversity and Restoration Ecology

    The Centre for Biodiversity and Restoration Ecology focuses on how to restore depleted species and communities in ecosystems impacted by human activity.

  • Centre for Building Performance Research

    The Centre aims to improve our knowledge of building performance so people can create more efficient, safer and healthier buildings.

  • Centre for Labour, Employment and Work (CLEW)

    The Centre for Labour, Employment and Work has been a trusted information source for employment relations practitioners, unions, and policy makers since 1970.

  • Centre for Logic, Language and Computation

    The Centre for Logic, Language and Computation works to promote research in logic, computation and the logical analysis of language.

  • Centre for Strategic Studies

    The Centre for Strategic Studies is central to research and public dialogue on strategic and security issues in New Zealand.

  • Centre for Women's Health Research

    The Centre for Women's Health Research is dedicated to improving the health outcomes of our nation's women and children.

  • Chair in Digital Government

    The research programme of the Chair in Digital Government focuses on the impact of new communication and information technologies on the public sector.

  • Chair in Public Finance

    The Chair in Public Finance carries out research into government revenue and spending with the aim of assisting policy makers in making good decisions.

  • Chair in the Economics of Disasters

    Research by the Chair in the Economics of Disasters focuses on the economic impact of natural disasters and how this can be reduced and better managed.

  • Chair of Wellbeing and Public Policy

    Victoria Business School has a newly-created Professorial Chair, who will conduct specialist research in the areas of public wellbeing and related policy.

  • Competitive Advantage New Zealand

    Competitive Advantage New Zealand is a research programme devoted to understanding how local enterprises can develop competitive advantages on the world stage.

  • Computational Media Innovation Centre

    The CMIC is part of the Entrepreneurial Universities initiative, fosters cutting-edge research and university-led innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Computational Media Innovation Centre

    Opening in June 2018, the Centre will foster cutting-edge research and university-led innovation in computational media.

  • Confucius Institute

    The Confucius Institute (CIVUW) is dedicated to promoting Chinese language teaching and to fostering international cultural and intellectual exchange.

  • D

  • Deaf Studies Research Unit

    The Deaf Studies Research Unit focuses on language learning and teaching of New Zealand Sign Language and the enrichment of the Deaf Community.

  • +

    Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice

    The Diana Unwin Chair in Restorative Justice provides a focus for collaborative research and teaching on restorative justice theories, policies and practices.

  • E

  • +

    Earthquake Hazard Centre

    The Earthquake Hazard Centre (EHC) is a research and information network focused on earthquake-resistant design and construction.

  • F

  • +

    Ferrier Research Institute

    The Ferrier Research Institute is a team of carbohydrate chemistry experts and analysts working to bring better drugs, materials and technology to the world.

  • H

  • +

    Health Services Research Centre

    The Health Services Research Centre focuses on the study of the health and disability needs of communities and the services provided to them.

  • I

  • +

    Institute of Geophysics

    The Institute of Geophysics focuses on research in geophysics, meteorology and tectonics in New Zealand and around the world.

  • +

    Institute of Governance and Policy studies

    The Institute for Governance and Policy Studies (IGPS) aims to lift environmental, social and economic outcomes for all New Zealanders via good public policy.

  • +

    International Institute of Modern Letters

    The Institute aims to develop and stimulate the imaginative capacity and individual literary skills and voices of emerging creative writers.

  • M

  • +

    MacDiarmid Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology

    The MacDiarmid Institute is a network of top New Zealand materials scientists who push the frontiers of materials science through research and innovation.

  • +

    Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

    A world-leading medical research institute focused on developing treatments for cancer, asthma, allergies, arthritis, MS and infectious diseases.

  • N

  • +

    New Zealand Association for Comparative Law

    The New Zealand Association for Comparative Law focuses on research, education and training in comparative law, and the study of foreign legal systems.

  • +

    New Zealand Centre for Literary Translation

    The New Zealand Centre for Literary Translation supports research projects and activities in the theory and practice of literary translation.

  • +

    New Zealand Centre for Public Law

    The New Zealand Centre for Public Law works to stimulate interest and debate in public law issues and to promote research on these issues.

  • +

    New Zealand Centre of International Economic Law

    The New Zealand Centre of International Economic Law encourages discussion and research on issues relating to international economic law.

  • +

    New Zealand Climate Change Institute

    New Zealand Climate Change Institute is a group of influential researchers and policy experts focussed on climate change science and issues.

  • +

    New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre

    The Centre promotes knowledge and understanding of contemporary China in New Zealand through research, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • +

    New Zealand Dictionary Centre

    Providing a focal point for New Zealand lexicography, the Centre maintains a vocabulary database and completes research on language in New Zealand.

  • +

    New Zealand India Research Institute

    The Institute includes scholars from seven New Zealand universities who work together to promote and facilitate research on India and NZ-India relations.

  • +

    New Zealand Institute for the Study of Competition and Regulation

    The Institute for Governance and Policy Studies fosters discussion, research and publication of current issues of domestic and foreign policy.

  • +

    New Zealand Institute of International Affairs

    For more than 80 years, the NZIIA has worked to improve political and economic well-being in New Zealand through a better understanding of global affairs.

  • R

  • +

    Robinson Research Institute

    Engineering innovation meets applied physics to build high temperature superconductors and other advanced technologies for businesses worldwide global.

  • +

    Roy McKenzie Centre for the Study of Families

    The Roy McKenzie Centre for the Study of Families conducts research on New Zealand families to help create better policy and laws that support stronger families

  • S

  • +

    Stout Research Centre

    The Stout Research Centre was established to encourage and coordinate academic research and understanding of New Zealand society, history and culture.

  • T

  • +

    Treaty of Waitangi Research Unit

    The Treaty of Waitangi Research Unit was established in 1999 to provide independent, high quality research and advice on Treaty of Waitangi matters.

  • V

  • +

    Victoria Institute for Links with Latin America (VILLA)

    VILLA builds links between Victoria University and Latin American countries and works to facilitate collaborative research.

  • +

    Victoria University Coastal Ecology Lab

    The award-winning Victoria University Coastal Ecology Laboratory supports research excellence in coastal ecology in the School of Biological Sciences.

  • W

  • +

    Wai-te-ata Press

    The Wai-te-ata press is a letterpress printing facility with collections of historic equipment—providing a place for print culture and history research.

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Dr Amanda Reilly from Victoria's School of Accounting and Commercial Law suggests options to tackle New Zealand's 'profoundly depressing' gender inequality in the workplace.

Alarming projections for polar ice sheets

Professor Tim Naish from Victoria's Antarctic Research Centre tells the second University co-hosted Pacific Climate Change Conference about 'the elephant in the room'.

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The Faculty offers a range of Master’s research degrees and a PhD. Some Master’s degrees include coursework and a thesis or research portfolio, and others are by thesis only.

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Be part of the vibrant and stimulating culture of arts and humanities research in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Research at Victoria Business School focuses on contributing to more effective government policy and better business practice throughout New Zealand.


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The Faculty of Health provides innovation in health teaching and research, with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.


Join the law school ranked top in New Zealand for the quality of its research, and study in the heart of the capital city’s legal and political district.

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Research is at the heart of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences—exploring new ideas and challenging old ones, to contribute to a better world.


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