GTM Tracking examples

This page describes the scope and overview of all interactions we can track through Google Tag Manager. If you are interested in the UI Kit's tracking plugin and its API, see the Tracking API for GTM for more.

If the GTM tracking works correctly, you should be able to see GTM's preview/debug panel with tags firing off.

Google Analytics (Development only)
(to see testing events and views propagating)

Google Tag Manager workspace
(to configure tags, variables, events and their behaviour)

On Page Load

Logs interactions that happen when the page is loaded.

Page View (Google Analytics)

Standard page view tracking for Google Analytics.

Page Load Time

Measures how long it takes to fully load and render the page. It's more accurate than GA's similar feature, because it does not sample the final results.

Event: Page Load Time - URL - Time (in seconds)
Example: Reload this page

Automatic interactions

Logs various user-based interactions anywhere on the entire site.

Contact link click

Logs event if a link with email or phone is clicked (mailto: or tel: in the URL).

Phone Number Click - Phone number - Page URL
Email Click - Email address - Page URL
Call us or Mail us now!

File download link click

Logs event if a link with downloadable file is clicked. Tracked file extensions include: PDF, XLS, DOC, TXT.

[File type/extension] - Filename - Page URL
Download a brochure

Outbound link click

Logs event if user clicks on a link with URL outside of the current domain.

[Outbound domain name] - Outbound link URL - Page URL
Try searching in the Google search

Form interaction

Tracks if user abandons (e.g. fills in a field, but does not send the form) or submits a form.

Abandonment - Page URL
Submission - Page URL
Type in something into the search bar in the header and either abandon it (and refresh/leave the page) or submit the search term.

YouTube video interactions

Logs various interactions with an embedded YouTube video.

Started video - Video's title and URL - Play time (in seconds)
Paused video - Video's title and URL - Play time (in seconds)
Seeking in video - Video's title and URL - Play time (in seconds)
Finished video - Video's title and URL - Play time (in seconds)
[25%|50%|75%] of video seen - Video's title and URL - Play time (in seconds)

Play to trigger video events tracking

Manually added interactions

Interactions that are component-specific and have been built by us.

Expandable side menu clicks

Tracks clicks on the expandable/collapsible link, and standard page links in the left-side menu.

Link Click - Target URL - Page URL
Expandable Button Click - Page URL
Interact with the side menu on the left.

Custom element interaction

Allows to easily track custom interaction on any given element (promo box, special button, banner, CTAs etc.) by simply adding HTML attribute `data-gtm-track="[action-type]"` (~ click) into the element's source code.

Note: In case you want to track and group specific class of interactions, a unique HTML attribute `id` (or `data-gtm-id` in case `id` is already used) should be added to the element. Additionally, further configuration within Google Tag Manager is required to specify event's trigger(s) and tag(s).

[Unique event name] - Target URL - Page URL
Example #1 (Simple click event):

Example #2 (Advanced click event with custom data):

Very custom button