If you're interested in being part of designing and shaping the built environment—inside or out—then the Bachelor of Architectural Studies degree is right for you.

Explore your passions through a rich variety of subjects and develop the creativity and flexibility needed in the changing job-market. Choose the Victoria University of Wellington Bachelor of Arts.

If you want to be at the cutting-edge of science and are looking for new understanding about health issues and cures for diseases, then this is the degree for you.

If you're interested in the process and business of creating great buildings—from construction methods, materials and systems to project management and contractor relations—then this is the right degree for you.

If you're interested in a career in the world of commerce and want expertise in business and the business of government then the Bachelor of Commerce is the degree for you.

Choose a Bachelor of Communication at Victoria University of Wellington and study in New Zealand’s communication hub.

If you love good design—whether it be of objects, computer graphics, systems, or experiences—and want to learn from a leading-edge university, then this is the right degree for you.

If you want to develop a love of learning and discovery in young children and be part of laying the foundations for their success, then this is the right degree for you.

If you enjoy solving problems, finding out how things work, and want to create technology that makes the world a better place then the Bachelor of Engineering with Honours is the right degree for you.

Follow your passion for improving people's health and wellbeing and make a real difference in the community with a Bachelor of Health from Victoria University of Wellington.

If you're interested in how society is governed by law and how laws are made, and you love communicating ideas and solving problems, then the Bachelor of Laws is the right degree for you.

The Bachelor of Laws with Honours is a chance for you to extend your skills and gain an edge in your career opportunities.

Support women, babies, and their families through pregnancy, birth, and beyond—become a midwife with a Bachelor of Midwifery from Victoria University of Wellington.

If you love music—whether it be listening to it, playing an instrument, singing or composing—and want to study the subject in depth at the leading music school in New Zealand, then a Bachelor of Music is right for you.

Follow your passion, develop problem-solving skills, and dive into a fascinating career with a Bachelor of Science.

If you are already a fluent user of NZSL, learn how to teach your language to others.

Get a foundation in Māori language, culture and society, as well as the academic study skills you need for university.

Get the foundational skills needed for university study. Engage with Pasifika perspectives while exploring study pathways and career opportunities.